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PM flips the bird

Christie hits at critics over ‘lies, distortions’
  • From right, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, Marathon MP Jerome Fitzgerald and candidate for the St. Anne's constituency Dr. Charles Clarke cheer during last night's branch meeting for the Marathon, Fox Hill and St. Anne’s constituencies in Fox Hill. Photo: Torrell Glinton

  • Prime Minister Perry Christie flips the bird during a PLP meeting last night in Fox Hill.

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: Feb 28, 2017

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Hundreds of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters, including children and senior citizens, gasped in amazement late last night as Prime Minister Perry Christie flipped the bird while explaining his response to what he called a “distorted” claim.

Though he gave few details on exactly what he was referring to, a seemingly upset Christie showed the energetic crowd a quick flash of his middle finger as he explained how he responded to an allegation he had heard early yesterday.

“We are now entering the period in our national life where all sorts of things will be said,” said Christie while speaking at a branch meeting for the Marathon, Fox Hill and St. Anne’s constituencies in Fox Hill.

“When I was getting up this morning, they showed me an account of a lunatic who was saying I should deny I own this condominium.

“This is what I [told] him...”

Christie then lifted his middle finger.

“Let me tell you all something,” he continued.

“There is no possibility of me having weak knees in the face of the grossest lines.

“I work from the basis that in my lifetime, I heard people say (former prime minister the late) Sir Lynden Pindling’s mother wasn’t his mother.

“Where a man who is credited as being the architect of the modern Bahamas had to go and secure affidavits to prove his mother is his mother.

“You’re talking about lies and distortion. Well, get used to it because they have no capacity to govern. They cannot govern.

“They demonstrated a lack of ability to work together.

“They have no vision.

“All the evidence we have tells us that they are a failure and we must be able to say it easy.

“So in the absence of capacity and in the absence of vision, distortion and lies will be the order of the day.

“Get used to it. It is going to come at you fast and furiously.”


FNM broken and divided

Christie turned his attention to the Free National Movement (FNM) and what he called its inability to govern the country or even conduct itself in a unified manner.

He encouraged Marathon MP Jerome Fitzgerald, Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell and St. Anne’s candidate Dr. Charles Clarke to “stay strong” as “the other side has shown they are willing to do and say anything in their hunger for power”.

Highlighting that the opposition party would only “turn the clock back”, Christie said an FNM led by Dr. Hubert Minnis would put the country at risk.

“We have to stay on the path to building a country that values and lifts up all Bahamians,” Christie said.

“Not to do so is to allow a broken and divided FNM to become...I can’t even say it. I can’t even say it.

“But we are risking placing this country in the hands of people who can’t even keep a small group together.

“I’m going to say it all through my speech.

“People who said they don’t like each other and even though some say they want to change their mind, we will produce the record for them.

“They said the leader, Minnis, is beyond incompetent.

“That’s not my words. That’s what they said. I assume they know him better than us.

“...So as he works around this country speaking about the PLP, let us remind ourselves that when the test came for him, it was his colleagues that decided they had no confidence in him and they moved him from office.

“It is his deputy that took his job.

“They used to be glorifying her (Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner).

“Now in an editorial today, they said to Minnis, ‘don’t pay no attention to her and to [Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre] Rollins because they are distractions’.

“They better get it right because through it all, the one party that is united and together is the Progressive Liberal Party.”

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