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Gatekeepers endorse DNA

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: Mar 16, 2017

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Leader of The Gatekeepers Pastor Jeremiah Duncombe yesterday announced that his party has endorsed the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), particularly its leader, Branville McCartney, who he believes should have the responsibility of forming the next government of The Bahamas.

“We have come to the decision that we will endorse Branville McCartney and his administrative team, and I speak as the leader of The Gatekeepers, and we are here to support this venture and we are going to be calling on the nation to join in this venture to save our country from moral and economic catastrophe,” said Duncombe at a press conference at DNA headquarters.

Duncombe said the time for the Christie-led adminstration is over.

He spoke on the need for the country to be rescued from social ills and economic “failure” among other “tragedies”.

DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer said the move shows that “color no longer divides us”.

He said, “The only colors that matter are the colors of the flag of the country that we plan to save.”

Mortimer added, “For him today, after prayerful consideration, to come and endorse Mr. McCartney and the DNA, I think is a profound moment in the development of our country.

“What they have done in this country is significant.

“They are not to be downplayed.

“They gathered the support of Bahamians who believed in something bigger than themselves and that is to be commended.

“I want to say on behalf of Mr. McCartney and myself and the rest of the DNA, that we are truly honored by your endorsement.

“The reality is we have a country to save.

“We can see it every day and every moment.

“We all have to get involved whether DNA, Gatekeepers or independent.

“We all have to live in this country.

“For far too long we have outsourced our governance.

“... So when we have moments like today, when an institution comes together, we realize that we are fighting for something bigger and for something greater.”

Mortimer said that upon meeting with the group, the DNA realized that their plans for the country are closely aligned.

The announcement follows numerous calls for opposition forces to come together in an effort to topple the Progressive Liberal Party.

Free National Movement Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis said his party met with the DNA to discuss the possibility of uniting but McCartney made a number of unreasonable requests, including asking that the FNM not oppose the DNA in 16 constituencies.

McCartney denied Minnis’ claim.


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