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‘Youngsters’ shot dead

Victims believed to be teenagers
  • Mortuary services personnel remove the bodies of two males believed to be teenagers, which were discovered yesterday on a track road off Graham Drive, Yellow Elder Gardens. PHOTO: TORRELL GLINTON

Guardian Staff Reporter

Published: Mar 20, 2017

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Two males – believed to be teenagers — were found shot to death on a track road off Graham Drive, Yellow Elder Gardens, by residents yesterday morning, police said.

While they were not identified, Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander said the victims appeared to be between 13 and 17.

Fernander said it is important for parents and guardians to be aware of their children’s whereabouts.

“We are also (seeking to determine) if anybody went missing within the last 24 hours,” he said.

“We appeal to members of the public who [have] loved ones they may not have seen in the last 24 hours to come forward to the police.

“... Where are the parents? These appear to be young teens.

“We have nothing at this time.

“Nobody alerted [the police] that their loved ones are missing or didn’t come home overnight.

“It appears as though this happened in less than 24 hours and no one has come forth yet.

“The question is where are the parents?

“They have to pay some attention to the kids. They have to know who they are with and know where they are going.

“This is how we continue to lose young men as deceased persons and as accused persons.”

The bodies were found shortly after 9 a.m.

At last report, there was no motive.

Fernander said officers will continue to saturate hot spots in an attempt to prevent crimes.

“We will continue to be in these communities,” he said.

“We know this is what we consider to be a hot spot... but we continue to saturate these areas.

“These are areas off the main road, but we continue to [check] these areas.”

At the scene, The Free National Movement’s Mount Moriah candidate Marvin Dames called for stronger action to address the high rate of murders in The Bahamas.

“We need to do a better job at preempting,” said Dames, a retired deputy commissioner of police.

“We need better intelligence, we need more concentration in terms of having boots on the ground in hot spot areas.

“There is no way in the world this little community should have recorded about four to six homicides within the last few weeks. It should have never happened.

“What are we dong in terms of presence and visibility? How are we drawing on our intelligence to tell us what is happening?

“... There should be a sustained presence here until we find out exactly what is causing us to come into this community on a regular basis just to pick up bodies.”

Yellow Elder is a part of the Mount Moriah constituency.

Arnold Forbes, Mount Moriah MP, also spoke to reporters.

“What brings me here is, unfortunately, we've had two more murders,” Forbes said.

“I assume in this vicinity, but I don't know if the individuals are from this area or if they were brought here and shot, but in any event, it is unfortunate. It is something that we have to curb.

“While people believe that saturation is the key, no matter how much you saturate, you cannot stop someone from taking a weapon in the spur of the moment and shooting someone else.

“What we need to do is re-socialize our people. The key is to educate and re-socialize our people.

“Police saturation has its place, but my belief is that is not the answer to our problems.”

After a spike in murders last month, Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage told Parliament that there will be an increase of foot patrols in crime hot spots as a part of a broader effort to intensify the fight against crime.

The murder count in The Bahamas for the year is 37.


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