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  • Transformational change requires new thinking

    In the last few weeks, Washington think tanks, financial services analysts in New York and London, and publications from The New York Times to the Pet.....
  • The barbarians at the gate

    Dear Editor, The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), the party which I fully support, made a terrible tactical decision back in 2012, when our operative.....
  • Spoil the ballot campaign

    “The power of the ballot we need in sheer defense, else what shall save us from a second slavery?” – W.E.B. Du Bois   History is replete .....
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  • Crime gatekeepers out of touch

    Dear Editor, Finally, Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage has broken his silence on the recent crime spree in New Providence. But will .....
  • Long Island does not belong to Loretta

    Dear Editor, Loretta Butler-Turner, the outgoing MP for Long Island, claims that she still subscribes to the policy/tenets of the FNM. But I am confo.....
  • The election to come

    Dear Editor, The Bahamian people this year will have the opportunity to select which political party will solve the crisis on crime, education, unemp.....
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  • Slowly getting there

    We are slowly getting there. Voter registration numbers are climbing ahead of the next general election. According to information posted to the Parlia.....
  • Cherish your free press

    Our neighbor to the north, the United States, is navigating politically dangerous times. It has an occupant in the White House in President Donald Tru.....
  • Muddled thinking on guns

    We’ve already had 28 murders this new year. That’s a lot for such a small country. We are on pace for more murders than in 2015 when there was a r.....
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