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  • Etoile Pinder is probably right

    Dear Editor, It seems that Etoile Pinder’s widely reported and strongly-worded Facebook comments have provided the opponents of National Health Ins.....
  • Race Relations in The Bahamas

    Dear Editor, The human race has been plagued with a contentious issue since time immemorial – racism and race relations. The popular definition sur.....
  • PLP approaching the ‘end zone’

    Dear Editor, The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is on track to lose the next general election by default through its handling, or lack thereof, when.....
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  • Uniting to survive

    In modern Bahamian politics if you want to be an elected member of Parliament you have to be a member of either the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) or.....
  • The need for election finance transparency

    Fabrizio Zanaboni said that he was misrepresented. According to the Stellar Waste to Energy CEO, his recent reference to politicians asking him for mo.....
  • Time to go, Sanigest

    The Bahamian people are a tolerant lot. They are also very patient. But really how much can you ask of them when someone like James Cercone is appoint.....
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