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Finding real news in the age of social media
There was a stabbing at Government High School yesterday during a fight between students. The student who was stabbed was last listed in critical condition at hospital. Two others sustained less serious injuries. Video of the stabbing circulated on ...
Minister right on voter registration policy
Dr. Bernard Nottage hit the right tone yesterday in Parliament when he discussed the controversy regarding the Parliamentary Registration Department not registering people, especially women, due to their dress. The department has no power in law to d...
Our crime problem is rooted in a sin of the past
Up to the time we were writing, and we make that distinction because someone else may sadly have been shot dead before you read this, there had been 10 murders for the new year of 2017. Police reported last evening a shooting death in the Coconut Gro...
Just do your part
Speaking with Bahamians who are opposed to Perry Christie and the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) at this election, there is confusion. Traditionally, we vote PLP or Free National Movement (FNM). Being upset with the PLP in the past meant a shift to ...
A line no Bahamian believes
Lynden Pindling became premier of The Bahamas in 1967. He remained our first minister until 1992. That year, after being in power for 25 years, he was defeated by Hubert Ingraham and the Free National Movement (FNM). Pindling ran again in 1997 and wa...
Baha Mar secrecy haunts the PLP
This newspaper reported recently that, as part of the agreement with the Chinese to get Baha Mar remobilized, opened and former workers and unsecured creditors paid, the government agreed to waive value-added tax (VAT) for China Construction America ...
A U.S. policy change on Cubans
Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama yesterday announced the ending of the longstanding policy of his country to allow Cubans who make it to U.S. soil to stay in the country and become legal residents. The commonly referred to “wet foot, dry foot ...
Where does the opposition coalition go from here?
On the 50th anniversary of majority rule there were dueling marches. The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), the organization that was at the front of the effort to end minority rule, led a group. The newly formed organization, We March, led another. Th...
Protecting our election process
We hold sacred in The Bahamas our democratic system. Each individual who is a Bahamian citizen 18 years of age or older, who is not imprisoned or legally declared mentally incapacitated, who satisfies the residency requirements, is entitled to vote i...
Changing performance outcomes
When schools open across the country each school year, the focus for many is on purchasing items to go back to class. Ensuring children are properly dressed and have the hardware necessary for learning is an important part of parenting. However, nice...
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