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Conservation and prosperity are not enemies
Prime Minister Perry Christie has once again affirmed his government’s commitment to the protection, preservation and expansion of the country’s underwater heritage. Speaking at the UNESCO Regional Meeting on the Protection of Underwater Cultura...
Sometimes it is right to point fingers over crime
Former Minister of National Security Cynthia “Mother” Pratt says both major parties have been guilty of politicizing crime over the years. However, she said this week it was the opposition Free National Movement (FNM) that threw the first blow ...
The church should fight for equal rights
The vote on the constitutional amendment bills on gender equality was delayed in the House of Assembly on Monday. Dr. Bernard Nottage, leader of government business in the House, said the government is waiting on the conclusion of consultations with ...
More talk on the Wells matter, but no action
Renward Wells is the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) member of Parliament for Bamboo Town. He also serves as parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Works. On July 4, Wells signed a letter of intent with Stellar Waste to Energy (Bahamas) to creat...
A reminder of why energy sector reform is so vital
For the last two months, there have been blackouts and load shedding on New Providence. The Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) has said the cause was either lightning strikes or faults with equipment. The problem has been vexing for individuals a...
The curious case of the absent prime minister
Prime Minister Perry Christie was taken to task by his political rivals for missing the vote in Parliament on the implementation of value-added tax (VAT), which is scheduled to start January 1, 2015. Christie, along with Tourism Minister Obie Wilchc...
Knowing when to depart
Whether Prime Minister Perry Christie likes it or not, the issue of his political future will increasingly be of interest in the months to come. He did not seem too enthused when reporters asked him recently if he will seek another term as prime mini...
The government should release the results of the LOI probe
A Ministry of Works investigation into the controversial letter of intent (LOI) that Ministry of Works Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells signed with Stellar Waste to Energy (Bahamas) Limited last month has been completed. However, Deputy Prime M...
A PLP MP attacks his prime minister in Parliament
We sat surprised as we listened to the MP for Fort Charlotte last night in the House of Assembly. Dr. Andre Rollins is a member of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). He is the chairman of the Gaming Board, appointed by Prime Minister Perry Christie...
House speaker is focused on the wrong things
Last Thursday we published a picture on our front page of Prime Minister Perry Christie seated in the House of Assembly with an anguished look on his face. His head was leaning on his hands. He was not pleased. Christie was upset because of what Dr....
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