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Curbing govt use of foreign consultants to promote Bahamians
At the National Conclave of Chambers of Commerce in The Bahamas, Khaalis Rolle attempted to pin the problem of unemployment on the private sector, citing a figure of 28,000 work permits issued to non-Bahamians when 31,000 Bahamians are out of work. B...
Gender equality in limbo
Back in December of last year, Prime Minister Perry Christie said he hopes the long-awaited referendum on gender equality would be held no later than June 30, 2015. However, he said, the matter would ultimately depend on how soon the Constitutional ...
National security solutions
Dear Editor,  It's time to talk solutions. It is time for us as Bahamians to begin discussing 21st century solutions. We have been stuck in the dark ages for too long and this government seems to be void of ideas and effective solutions to solv...
Time to change PM’s pension law
Perry Christie has now been prime minister of The Bahamas for about eight years. At eight years he qualifies for the full prime minister’s pension. Hubert Ingraham is the only former prime minister alive in The Bahamas at this time. He was prime mi...
The diminishing relevance of the pastors
Tens of thousands of Bahamians attended the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival in New Providence and Grand Bahama. The run-up to the event was disorganized. The public statements by the organizers were confusing. Nonetheless, Bahamians enjoyed themselves and ...
Celebrating Haitian culture
The Bahamas is a multi-ethnic archipelago. There are Bahamians of African descent, Greek-Bahamians, Lebanese-Bahamians, Chinese-Bahamians, Haitian-Bahamians and many more mixes. All these peoples from all these different places bring their cultures...
No transparency, no deal
Stellar Energy Ltd., which exploded into the public consciousness amid a political firestorm last year, has resurfaced after months of silence to reassert its ambitions for a waste-to-energy plant in New Providence. Piggybacking on the announcement ...
PM may seal his party’s fate with NHI
Bahamians are trying to cope with the significant cost of living increase since the introduction of value-added tax (VAT) at 7.5 percent at the beginning of this year. Along with passing on the consumption tax to consumers, businesses have had to rai...
Speaker's ruling does not serve the public interest
According to House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major, the public cannot learn the truth about the use of funds under the Small Home Repairs (SHR) program because the relevant document has not been tabled in Parliament. Major said he told the Public Accounts ...
A model for future tourism development
The owner of Nassau’s latest boutique hotel, The Island House, said there has been huge demand for the property since its doors opened last month. According to Mark Holowesko, the 30-room hotel “fills a void” in the island’s tourism portfoli...
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