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Jury directed to acquit accused murderer
A judge on Wednesday directed a Supreme Court jury to acquit a man of a murder that occurred last year. Prosecutors alleged that Michelet Auguste was responsible for the February 2014 shooting death of Charles Pandy at Winder’s Terrace. Auguste...
NHI report prompts national discussion for the better
The most startling facet of the national health report is the glaring inefficiencies of the system that lead to substantial impairment of basic health services. The release of the National Health Insurance (NHI) report is good for the Bahamian people...
PM may seal his party’s fate with NHI
Bahamians are trying to cope with the significant cost of living increase since the introduction of value-added tax (VAT) at 7.5 percent at the beginning of this year. Along with passing on the consumption tax to consumers, businesses have had to rai...
Embracing the modern taxi
The yellow taxis of New York and the black taxis of Britain are icons of transportation in their respective countries. Certainly, it’s time for The Bahamas to have one of its own. Baha Mar’s announcement that a proposal is before government to mo...
The BAMSI insurance controversy must be cleared up
Accusations of the nature and magnitude of those leveled by former Minister of Works Neko Grant last week are often dismissed as exaggerated or even far-fetched. Under the circumstances, however, taxpayers cannot simply disregard his suggestion that...
Jobs hard to find under the PLP
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is on the second half of the mandate it won in May 2012. Things are not going well. The Department of Statistics revealed last month that the national unemployment rate rose from 14.3 percent in May 2014 to 15.7 p...
What does the belonger’s permit mean for students?
  The further we get from November 1, 2014 the more haphazard and ad hoc the government’s new immigration policy appears to be. At first, it seemed the aim was to cause every person in The Bahamas to hold a passport, thereby ensuring that al...
Corrupting national health care
Bahamian businesses have not even made contributions for the first value-added tax (VAT) filing period and Dr. Perry Gomez says that we have to pay yet another tax for National Health Insurance (NHI). Bahamians don’t want to pay another tax for Pr...
Strange logic from the DNA leader
The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) ran in its first general election in 2012. The party won 8.5 percent of the vote and no seats. The DNA’s leader, Branville McCartney, was the former MP for Bamboo town. He won his seat in 2007 when he was a me...
Losing touch with the people
At times, the comments uttered by public officials indicate how detached they are from the economic realities of our people. Value-added tax (VAT) came into effect the beginning of this year at a rate of 7.5 percent. The tax was instituted to increa...
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