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Gay hysteria in The Bahamas
There was an attempt at a gay pride weekend in Grand Bahama a few weeks ago. Members of that community wanted to get together to have a good time and express pride in who they are. This, of course, set off hysteria in The Bahamas. Many Bahamians thi...
Taking care of the basics
The ability to pay one’s personal bills in full and on time is considered a sign of good organization and responsibility. In most business environments, it is a prerequisite for functioning. Of course, at times adversity strikes in both profession...
Trash in the lake and the dug-up road
The $72 million Airport Gateway Project officially opened in October of last year. The four-lane highway takes travelers from Lynden Pindling International Airport to John F. Kennedy Drive. China Construction America was the contractor for the projec...
The awkward dance between Rollins and Christie
The House of Assembly on Monday passed the Gaming Bill. It will allow Bahamians to gamble in web shops. It also allows for mobile gaming, something the casino owners want. So, Bahamians will be in web shops and visitors in casinos. The debate was co...
Deadlines, excuses and real life consequences
It came to light this week that the presence of mold had forced the closure of the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) maternity ward. In response, Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis expressed concern for the health of staff and patients. He also lamen...
The government’s deflection strategy hard at work yet again
Deputy Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis hit back hard at church leaders who claimed the Gaming Bill signals the “death of democracy” in The Bahamas. Speaking in the House of Assembly, Davis accused pastors of turning “a blind eye” to web sh...
Rejecting bigotry against our Haitian brothers and sisters
Haiti and The Bahamas are neighbors currently in quite different circumstances. The Bahamas has the highest GDP per capita in the Caribbean. Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere. With The Bahamas being Haiti’s northern neighbor, it is ob...
Setting an example
In expressing his opposition to the Gaming Bill in Parliament on Wednesday, Central Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant charged that in legalizing web shops the government would be “aiding and abetting criminal activities”. “I will not support this bil...
The PLP and labor movement on the rocks
Customs and Immigration officers joined nurses in walking off the job yesterday in what Trade Union Congress (TUC) President Obie Ferguson said was just the beginning of a massive nationwide strike, should workers’ demands not be met. This comes a...
Why such a big deal over same-sex marriage?
What religious leaders have been telling us for years turns out to be true. There is no public support for same-sex marriage in The Bahamas. According to a scientific opinion poll conducted in January, only a tiny percentage would like to see two me...
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