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Seeing police again on our streets
The crime problem we face is not nationwide. It is centered in New Providence, our most populous island. The islands outside of New Providence remain peaceful places in which to live and raise families. The crime statistics presented by police for 2...
Operating in the gray area
Despite earlier assurances to the contrary, legislation to regulate the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) will not be tabled in Parliament before the end of the year, the government has announced. Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage s...
The right move on Cuba
The United States and Cuba have been enemies for five decades. The tension between the two during the Cold War took the world as close as it has ever been to nuclear war in 1962. Yesterday, two presidents, Barack Obama from the U.S. and Raul Castro f...
Intellectually curious and creative
In a parliamentary democracy such as ours, the quality of the respective teams of candidates chosen by major political parties to contest general elections is crucial. From among these candidates new governments are formed, including a Cabinet with ...
Safety during the holiday season
It is the yuletide season once again and although this time of year was originally supposed to commemorate the greatest gift to mankind, the birth of the Savior, the focus of Christmas has changed over the years. The emphasis is still on the act of g...
A convenient time to get serious about illegal gaming
Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said last week that officers will soon begin shutting down web shops found operating outside the framework of the new gaming laws. The commissioner warned that patrons found in such venues would be arrested and...
There should be fairness with tax collection
Value-added tax (VAT) is scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 2015 at a rate of 7.5 percent. The purpose of VAT is not to grow the economy or to modernize the system of tax collection in The Bahamas. The tax has been created to increase revenu...
Christie’s bridge to the future
The departure of Minister of Financial Services Ryan Pinder from the Cabinet has sparked considerable public commentary. Reactions have ranged from understanding in light of a “mind-blowing” private sector offer, to disappointment in seeing a pub...
Minnis should focus on his crime plan
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) crime-fighting initiatives have had no impact on the murder count in The Bahamas. Last year 119 people were murdered. Thus far for this year 114 people have been killed. These are near-record totals for a country of 35...
Another near-record murder year
  With three weeks to go until the close of the year, and in the midst of what is usually one of the deadliest months on the calendar, we are only five murders behind the total for 2013. In 2011, the murder count hit a record 127. After dippin...
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