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Disappointed with the response of the national security minister
Dear Editor, I found the minister of national security’s remarks about the senseless slaughter of Andre Cartwright callous and without an ounce of compassion. Here it is, an innocent man is murdered in the sanctity of his own home while heroicall...
Making sure police officers are equipped
The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) pledged on the campaign trail in 2012 to make saturation patrols part of the crime fight if elected. The suggestion was a bit ambitious, as in recent years we have not even had consistent marked patrols in New Prov...
Adding unnecessary ranks to the police force
The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) has released its promotions list. About 600 officers were promoted – a large number for our force. Through these promotions, the governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has reversed a position of the last Fr...
Transparency important in Ebola response
There is fear worldwide when it comes to the Ebola virus. Thus far, the disease, which is centered in West Africa, has officially affected 10,000 people and killed 5,000. Ebola has hit Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Mail, Nigeria, Senegal, Sp...
Educating our children
Proud parents could be seen taking their children to campuses last month as schools opened across the country. Many flooded social media with pictures of their youngsters in their uniforms on the way to classes. It is admirable that so many ensured ...
Preventing prisoner escapes
Yet another prisoner has escaped police custody. Lance McDonald, 53, of Westmoreland, Jamaica, managed to make his way out of Carmichael Road Police Station after being arrested last week Thursday. According to Superintendent Paul Rolle, as officers...
Supporting reputable charities
The Bahamas AIDS Foundation is hosting the 21st annual Red Ribbon Ball on Saturday, November 22 in the Grand Ballroom of the Atlantis resort. President of The Bahamas AIDS Foundation Camille Lady Barnett said recently that the foundation raised $80,...
Keith Bell must explain his rape warning
Minister of State for National Security Keith Bell touched a deep and raw nerve this week when he announced that police believe prolific offenders are responsible for a spike in the number of reported rapes. In the catalogue of violent crimes, a spe...
It ends with an apology
There has been much discussion this week about the words of a shantytown resident here in New Providence. The inflammatory comments, aired on ZNS TV news and social media, annoyed and angered Bahamians. Anson Aly, 30, a Bahamian of Haitian heritage,...
The Rollins-PLP divorce
Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins appeared for the first time before the disciplinary committee of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) on Monday night with his legal counsel Raynard Rigby, former PLP chairman. Both Rigby and Valentine Grimes, the ...
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