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Yet more promises from the governing party
Following the release of new statistics indicating that unemployment has fallen by just over one percent since the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) took office in May 2012, Prime Minister Perry Christie vowed that joblessness will continue to drop sig...
Government on right track with vessel namings
A ceremony was held last month at Prince George Dock to commission HMBS Arthur Dion Hanna. This was the first vessel of the new fleet of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) received by the government. Eight other vessels are expected to significa...
Many questions about the Renward Wells matter
Something about the controversy in which Bamboo Town MP and Works Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells finds himself just doesn’t add up. On the surface, it would seem a straightforward case of political hubris, a young turk overstepping his bound...
Christie tries to right one of his greatest wrongs
Yesterday, Prime Minister Perry Christie and his governing Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) brought to the House of Assembly a series of bills to amend the constitution in order to bring gender equality in the passage of citizenship to children. Curr...
Bimini and the theory of anchor projects
So far, public debate over the controversial resort development in Bimini has revolved around fears that a pristine environmental gem and one of the most important spawning areas for commercially valuable fish will be destroyed by large-scale dredgin...
Rejecting bigotry against our Haitian brothers and sisters
Haiti and The Bahamas are neighbors currently in quite different circumstances. The Bahamas has the highest GDP per capita in the Caribbean. Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere. With The Bahamas being Haiti’s northern neighbor, it is ob...
Conservation and prosperity are not enemies
Prime Minister Perry Christie has once again affirmed his government’s commitment to the protection, preservation and expansion of the country’s underwater heritage. Speaking at the UNESCO Regional Meeting on the Protection of Underwater Cultura...
Party discipline and free speech
Three young government MPs, part of the much-touted “new generation” of politicians who will purportedly lead us into the future, decided to use this year’s budget debate to express some independent ideas. Marco City MP Gregory Moss criticized...
Shooting the messenger yet again
Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cleola Hamilton has slammed the U.S. government over the U.S. state department’s investment climate report, which points out certain unfulfilled campaign promises made by the Christie admin...
Knowing when to depart
Whether Prime Minister Perry Christie likes it or not, the issue of his political future will increasingly be of interest in the months to come. He did not seem too enthused when reporters asked him yesterday if he will seek another term as prime min...
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