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Muddled thinking on guns
We’ve already had 28 murders this new year. That’s a lot for such a small country. We are on pace for more murders than in 2015 when there was a record 146. The crime problem is situated in New Providence where most Bahamians live – and it goe...
The differing views of the PM and commissioner
Our constitution gives our prime minister and police commissioner extraordinary powers. They are probably the two most powerful constitutional offices in the country. It was odd on Monday to hear Prime Minister Perry Christie and Commissioner Elliso...
The importance of protest culture
Donald Trump ran a campaign based in racism and misogyny. He took advantage of the genuine fears of Americans regarding immigration, terrorism and economic hardship in industrial areas. Jobs have been lost due to globalization. Trump won the Elector...
Killing spree as election nears
Six people were murdered over the weekend. For the year there have been 26 murders. The Bahamas is on pace for another murder record in a country with a population of just over 350,000. New York City, with a population of 8.5 million, had 20 murders...
Spoilt ballot campaign is nonsense
A general election nears. Bahamians are engaged in discussions across the archipelago on which party should be our next government. We have historically had high voter turnout – often around 90 percent of registered voters. However, registration h...
Trying to find work
The first phase of Baha Mar is scheduled to open on April 21. The resort is recruiting talent to staff the property. In an overwhelming response to about 1,500 positions, Baha Mar Vice President of Human Resources and Organizational Development Kirs...
The PLP did not solve the killing problem
Five years ago it was Tommy Turnquest’s fault, according to the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Murders had spiked. There were record levels of killing. Turnquest was a weak minister of national security. The tough PLP would bring order to our cri...
Proper family planning advice
Dear Editor, Following the public furor surrounding the tube tying of women by a certain MP and accusations of irresponsible breeding by a certain reverend, perhaps it would be useful to take an objective view. There is no question that a significa...
Exercise your democratic power
Interesting debates always emerge when the question is posed as to whether or not citizens living in democracies should feel obligated to vote. Most democracies were fought for. People who campaigned for freedom, self-governance and civil rights wer...
The attack on the courts
Police confirmed on Monday that the fire at the South Street Magistrates Courts was arson. Shortly after 5 a.m. officers discovered the entrance to the building on fire. The blaze was put out by firefighters. Our magistrates’ courts in New Provide...
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