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We March misguided in some ways

Published: Jan 11, 2017

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Dear Editor,

I agree that there should be marches. And because we are an extremely obese nation desperately needing exercise, there should be one every fortnight. Seriously, though, except for the Burma Road March, marches in recent times have not served any effective purpose or results; and correcting or complaining of government missteps and or societal ills is beyond marches and marching.

With Election Day approaching, it seems that the We March march is anti-climatic, as the electorate will march in full force to unseat the ruling government or to return the Free National Movement party to power. Perhaps, the We March march would have been more effective and meaningful if it was carried out in the first or second year of rule of the Progressive Liberal Party, forcefully letting that ruling government know that the people would not tolerate what they did not vote for.

To plan the march on an exceptionally important historical day for Bahamians and The Bahamas, in its global history, is mere lunacy and does not augur well for the bright minds who have planned such march on that day, which could one day very well taint their image as eventually being leaders in the political arena. Planning a march on such a significant day which accomplished so much, including bringing black and white Bahamians together, ought to be respected/revered and not dissed by having a march on that day which might deem counterproductive. Another day for the march could have easily been planned.


– E.V. Albury

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