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BPL, BEC, depression and fear
Dear Editor, Please allow me a small space in your paper for a short rant. As I watch what is going on in my country I have grown more and more depressed, and now, even worse, I have grown very afraid. What finally tore it for me and the reason for...
FNM: ‘More fire!’
Dear Editor, I’m going to make this letter short and sweet. During election time in The Bahamas at rallies and conventions and some other places, and sometimes even before or after election time, what is the response line from the crowds when a s...
Boundary changes: Do they matter?
Dear Editor, Members and supporters of the assorted so-called opposition forces are up in arms and are suffering convulsions over the boundary cuts which were just revealed in Parliament. Why they are doing so is beyond my pay grade, because no matt...
We do not have a crime problem
Dear Editor,   I would like to go on record and disagree with all of the talk show hosts and media personalities who think that we have a crime problem. To listen to them pontificate you get the impression that this situation is something new....
Michael Halkitis, magician and practical joker
Dear Editor,   Perry Christie’s alter ego in the Ministry of Finance stepped completely out of character the other day and allowed himself to get caught up in the hype of the PLP convention. Michael Halkitis is a naturally low-key man who d...
Concerns with ministerial performance
Dear Editor, I read with interest the recent downgrading of the Bahamas credit rating by Standard & Poor’s. I am disappointed but not surprised. Disappointed because all Bahamians are now saddled with this enormous financial burden placed on ...
VAT unfairness
Dear Editor, Hello from South Carolina, U.S.A. Having come to this wonderful country for one or two weeks for the past 50 years, I would hope you believe that my wife and I love The Bahamas. My problem right now is I feel it is unconscionable to ex...
Dictatorship or democracy
Dear Editor, I found it disturbing that while Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss was sharing with Bahamians her memories of the horrors inflicted on humanity by the Nazi regime, our government was busy tabling the Interception of Communications Bill 201...
Tough choices but one conclusion
Dear Editor, The Gold Rush administration, led by our energetic, focused and nimble leader and prime minister of our wonderful nation, Perry Gladstone Christie (PLP-Centreville), will be returned to office by a reduced majority. We, as a party, will...
The fate of the opposition
Dear Editor, The call is being made for the opposition forces in the nation to unite, but that call is coming too late. We heard no such talk when the opposition and its leader kept their shoulder to the wheel in the role of opposing, even when tho...
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