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Ministry should have been aware of BAMSI insurance status
Dear Editor,   Please permit me to share my views on the minister of works’ recent disclosure that the contractor’s insurance at BAMSI had expired due to the delay in completion and the contractor had not extended the same. It is my under...
Prison sickout must be investigated
Dear Editor,   I write to echo the call by former Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Thompson that the Royal Bahamas Police Force be to allowed to investigate claims that one doctor allegedly provided 69 prison officers with sick notes in a...
The great transformation and reality
Dear Editor,  I have never made it a state secret that I am first and foremost a supporter of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the eventual ascendancy of Philip ‘Brave’ Davis (PLP-Cat Island; Rum Cay and San Salvador). Brave is the f...
The meaning of responsibility
Dear Editor,   It is startling to see the level of contempt shown nowadays for diplomacy. Oh, less and less respect being displayed for the God-given right of nations to conduct their own affairs and to be able to do so in the manner laid out ...
The difference between campaigning and governing
Dear Editor,  We are used to the unattainable promises we hear from politicians every election period. We are used to the endless pledges of jobs and opportunities. You would have to be a fool to believe everything promised by politicians will ...
Will the real Christians please stand up?
Dear Editor,  On July 10, 1973, The Bahamas took a giant step in removing the shackles of the British Empire and becoming an independent nation. In our preamble to the constitution, it states that we are a Christian nation, abiding by Christian...
Dr. Andre Rollins has emerged as a populist politician
Dear Editor,  Bahamians who are in the lower economic classes were probably rooting for Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins as he exchanged words with Elizabeth MP Ryan Pinder last week in the House of Assembly, over the former's revealed inten...
The Bahamian male: An endangered species
Dear Editor,  The Bahamian male is an endangered species and steps need to be taken in order to protect this species. One only has to look at what is happening in our society to support this premise. What I propose is a national mentoring prog...
Rihanna, Perry Christie and his Farm Road slop buckets
Dear Editor, Baha Men founder Isaiah Taylor along with Bahamians who have a keen interest in Prime Minister Perry Christie's brainchild, Junkanoo Carnival, are anxious to know who will be the lead act at the imported foreign cultural event. The usua...
Murder and the law
Dear Editor, What did you say, editor? Murder is against the law? You know what, you’re right. I believe that murder is against the law in The Bahamas. What else did you say, editor? We should hang all murderers in The Bahamas? Why, you say? Bec...
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