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Loretta is a team player
Dear Editor, When the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Kendal Major, ordered that the police remove Hubert Minnis from Parliament for refusing to apologize for remarks he made, it was Loretta Butler-Turner that challenged the police, declaring, “...
Loretta Butler-Turner must distance herself from her backers who are spreading misandristic rhetoric
Dear Editor, In the event FNM Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner comes out of the November 21 convention as the newly-minted FNM leader, she would then be on the cusp of making history as The Bahamas' first female prime minister in 2017. Her becom...
The need for accountability
Dear Editor, Renward Wells has been fired. Well blow me down. Finally, The Bahamas sees a decisive act from its chief minister, Perry Gladstone Christie. Should we now hold a party at Fort Charlotte to celebrate this historical achievement? I am su...
Why do we tear each other down?
Dear Editor, I am strictly referring to the need for a code of ethics for politics today. I have been watching the internal and external hostility exuding from the political arena and feel compelled to touch on it. It is elementary that we all want...
Hurricane preparedness demands underground electrical lines
Dear Editor, Since The Bahamas is situated on this globe in such a way that the direct path of some dangerous hurricanes might cross our islands, in my humble opinion, it is incumbent upon the government to ensure that the country is prepared for su...
Minnis was wrong to call a snap convention
Dear Editor, I read with interest the letter to the editor by A. Burrows (October 21), who asserts that Dr. Hubert Minnis did not breach the FNM constitution by calling an early convention for November 21. Section 65 of the constitution states: “...
Economic crisis – how did the FNM handle it?
Dear Editor, The global financial crisis that came to full fruition in 2008 is considered by many to have been the worst economic catastrophe the world has seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It was clear that the macroeconomic effects of ...
An open letter to my brother, the prime minister
Dear Editor,   Rt. Honorable Perry G. Christie Prime minister Commonwealth of The Bahamas   Prime minister, that was a wonderful picture taken at the Waldorf Astoria of you, Bernie, President and Mrs. Obama. You two fellas certainly h...
Police cannot prevent all crimes
Dear Editor,   Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a significant increase in police presence in all areas of New Providence. This, in my opinion, accounts for a drop in the number of crimes taking place on the island. Sadly, crime such as...
BEC invasion
Dear Editor,   It started as a busy Wednesday afternoon while sitting in my home office catching up on some work. I was not expecting anyone to stop by, so when my gate buzzer rang, I opted not to answer, so that I could continue the abundance...
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