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Time for FNM to focus on national issues
Dear Editor, The Free National Movement (FNM) settled the score on Friday past and elected Dr. Hubert Minnis as its indisputable leader. The unofficial vote count was 290 for Minnis and 108 for Butler-Turner. The one-day convention has ended the pu...
Ingraham was right to clear the air
Dear Editor, I read with interest the comments of former leader and prime minister Hubert Ingraham at the recently concluded Free National Movement (FNM) convention. When asked about his plans by reporters, Ingraham stated in no uncertain terms tha...
Where is our spunk? – part 2
Dear Editor, I would like to thank Pat Strachan for his follow-up letter in this week’s edition of The Nassau Guardian in response to my letter “Where is our spunk?”. On Tuesday night we opened a ceramics exhibition by Joann Behagg entitled ...
The FNM must be unified
Dear Editor,  By the time your readers see this, the country will already know the identity of the leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) going forward, barring any unusual developments at convention. Either Dr. Hubert Minnis, who has shep...
Why does Leslie Miller seem so powerless?
Dear Editor, BEC chairman Leslie Miller was in the press again this week, lamenting the state of the government-run power company which he heads, at least in name, and calling for its urgent restructuring ahead of the implementation of value-added t...
Deportations without trial are illegal
Dear Editor,Let me state from the outset that I fully support the rigorous enforcement of our immigration laws. For decades, the waves of illegal immigrants that have come to our shores have undermined our national security, overburdened our public s...
Mitchell’s citizenship warning was in order
Dear Editor, I have read The Nassau Guardian’s editorial of Monday, November 17, 2014 entitled: ‘Mitchell’s citizenship warning was unhelpful.’ Firstly, the words of Daphne Campbell, a Florida state representative were nationally offensive ...
The manner of Dr. Myles Munroe’s death should not be misconstrued as divine judgment
Dear Editor, Death will always be shrouded in mystery to those who reject the Judeo-Christian world view, and the Bible's explanation of the afterlife. The late French-Algerian philosopher Albert Camus once said that death was philosophy's only prob...
Where is the passion?
Dear Editor,  I read with interest a letter to the editor written by Pam Burnside entitled, ‘Where Is the Mettle?’ I have found all of the letters written by Mrs. Burnside to be very interesting and courageous. I will attempt to answer some...
The road ahead
Dear Editor, In a few short weeks, 2014 will be history. Those of us who will be fortunate enough to welcome in 2015 will, I predict, have much to be thankful for. Yes, we’ve had national and personal challenges and setbacks this year, but overall...
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