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Young Bahamians not content with the political status quo
Dear Editor, The current scenario being played out between Prime Minister Perry Christie and Messrs. Andre Rollins, Renward Wells and Gregory Moss has been suggested as a political meltdown for the PLP, but others see it as a sign of discomfort and ...
What Mitchell didn’t say
Dear Editor, Fred Mitchell has a bee in his bonnet about Hubert Ingraham. He seems to have adopted his leader’s proclivity to including a reference to the former prime minister in most if not all of his public utterances. Most recently he tried t...
Still no urgency to reduce murder
Dear Editor, Our murder records indicate that we now have 83 murders for the year. The Nassau Guardian reported that we are committing murder at a 15 percent higher rate than we did last year. We are on pace to equal our bloodiest year for murder in...
Dysfunctional governance
Dear Editor, I am a proud long-time supporter and member of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). This party, historically, has been for the small- and medium-sized Bahamian. The PLP embodies the political and economic aspirations of the average man ...
An open letter to the minister of state of national security
Dear Editor, I write to the minister concerning an article in a Saturday newspaper under the headline, “Keith Bell: I will challenge Andre Rollins for his seat” which was attributed to him in an interview with a reporter. I do not know you on a...
Something must be done about the taxi cab experience
Dear Editor, I recently arrived at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) and instead of calling my husband to pick me up, as we live nearby, I decided to take a taxi cab. What an experience! When I told the driver I was going to Westward...
Crying wolf over BEC blackouts
Dear Editor, BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller says there may finally be an end to the blackouts that have plagued all areas of New Providence for weeks now. According to Miller, a damaged generator has now been repaired and things should be loo...
Scapegoating women
Dear Editor, It is interesting that the authorities have sought to argue that women are the weaker link. They do not deserve the equal right to pass on their citizenship to their husbands and their children. They are required to marry Bahamian males...
What the future holds for Dr. Andre Rollins
Dear Editor, The most popular politician in The Bahamas today is estranged Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP Dr. Andre Rollins. If Rollins was looking to achieve his 15 seconds of fame by openly defying Prime Minister Perry Christie, he has accompl...
Last week in The Bahamas
Dear Editor, Last week's headlines were dominated by the lively, provocative and sometimes confrontational parliamentary debate of conscience on and second reading of the four constitutional bills and passage of the value-added tax (VAT) bill and re...
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