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Police cannot prevent all crimes
Dear Editor,   Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a significant increase in police presence in all areas of New Providence. This, in my opinion, accounts for a drop in the number of crimes taking place on the island. Sadly, crime such as...
BEC invasion
Dear Editor,   It started as a busy Wednesday afternoon while sitting in my home office catching up on some work. I was not expecting anyone to stop by, so when my gate buzzer rang, I opted not to answer, so that I could continue the abundance...
Selective tendering for medicine suppliers is a good thing
Dear Editor,   In reference to the recent National Review story in The Nassau Guardian, "Sounding the alarm. Public Hospital Authority audit should shock us all”, I would like to address only the statements made regarding suppliers of pharma...
More of the same
Dear Editor,   The DNA and its “self-appointed” leader say they represent change. They proclaim to be the party that is concerned about the youth of the nation and national development. However, from my view and the more I observe their o...
Minnis insults grassroots Bahamians
Dear Editor, Instead of substance, I see that Dr. Hubert Minnis has done another publicity stunt. He rode the jitney then seemed to have his people take a picture of him getting off the bus. He has insulted thousands of Bahamians with this stunt....
Be careful what you wish for
Dear Editor,   The Loretta Butler-Turner faction of the Free National Movement has finally got what it has been clamoring for well over a year for – a definitive date set for a national convention. The FNM executive council's announcement th...
Sun, sand and sea is stale
Dear Editor,   I refer to the business section of The Nassau Guardian’s October 3 edition in which the headline “Forget beaches, says Vasser: market your food” was a welcome read. At the Bahamas Business Outlook at the beginning for the...
Protect our Bahamian businesses
Dear Editor,   In the Business Section of the September 17 edition of The Nassau Guardian, under the headline “Wilchcombe lauds PM’s proposed straw goods delivery system” there is an upsetting reference to the cruise ships banning Bahami...
Value-added tax will be unsustainable
Dear Editor,   I bring up this question of value-added tax (VAT) somewhat late, and I take full responsibility for it not being presented in a timely manner. I was reluctant to even bring it up; there were so many persons more learned and qua...
The party of progressivism
Dear Editor,   Under the lackluster leadership of Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM has long ceased to interest me. In this regard, Loretta Butler-Turner’s announcement that she will run for leader is a most welcome development. With Butler-Turner...
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