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Breaking out of the box
Dear Editor, In a few short weeks the ruling Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will be celebrating its third year in office following its reelection in 2012. This will be a wonderful time to give thanks to God and to the people of this wonderful littl...
Christie must apologize for the Rubis fuel spill debacle
Dear Editor,  After reading and listening to the various statements related to the fuel spill from the Rubis Station on Robinson Road, one could only be confused and uncertain as to what precisely has occurred since 2012/2013. One thing is cle...
Christie’s procrastination continues
Dear Editor,  Prime Minister Perry Christie’s procrastination will be the downfall of the Progressive Liberal Party. I have no problem with that, but I just hope that in the meantime his slothful ways do not irreparably harm the reputation of...
The power of persuasion
Dear Editor, From the beginning I knew that it would be hard for $50 to overcome $9 million, but I said let me give it a try anyway. I knew that with $9 million you could purchase radio, print media, private bloggers and any number of social media ...
The cost of truth
Dear Editor, I write as a concerned citizen that has sat, watched and in earnest become fed up with the blatant disregard for freedom of speech, due process, and the manner in which the carrier of a message can be silenced with threats in private or...
Fitzgerald’s future in Marathon
Dear Editor,  I make it a habit not to declare any predictions on the outcome of elections in The Bahamas, knowing far too well how the way the political wind blows in The Bahamas can change in an instant. Our people have short memories and are...
Leslie Miller’s behavior needs immediate attention
Dear Editor,   This latest outburst by Leslie Miller in the House of Assembly should not be ignored, brushed aside with an excuse of the “heat of the moment”, or just plain swept under the carpet. Leslie Miller is a man whose behavior is ...
Threatening lawsuits against newspapers
Dear Editor, There was a time in The Bahamas when political luminaries could threaten legal action against newspapers, ask for retraction of what was published and get paid handsomely for an out of court settlement. They and their lawyers laughed a...
The workload of a member of Parliament
Dear Editor,  Only just recently, I wrote an (open) letter to Perry G. Christie, prime minister of The Bahamas, addressing the inadequate salaries of our members of Parliament, and sent a copy of it to you and other reputable newspapers in The ...
The auditor general and Urban Renewal
Dear Editor, The Urban Renewal 2.0 program, as conceptualized by Prime Minister Perry Christie, is an excellent one. It is designed to uplift depressed areas of the nation, foster a sense of community, wipe away the tears from every eye and, of cour...
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