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Cutting loose the shackles of the past: Cuba and the U.S.
The U.S. is cutting loose the shackles of the past by establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba after 53 years. But the first blow in the Western Hemisphere against those shackles was struck by four governments of the English-speaking Caribbean. To...
The BEC restructuring conundrum
Dear Editor,  BEC’s executive chairman, Leslie Miller, the erstwhile “potcake”, recently demanded that the government proceed with the organization’s restructuring, post haste. Some may liken the restructuring effort thus far to a conun...
The very first Bahamian to achieve international celebrity status
Dear Editor,  Earlier in the year I was privileged to read the late African-American storyteller Charlemae Hill-Rollins' They Showed the Way: Forty American Negro Leaders. Next to Lerone Bennett's Before the Mayflower: A History of Black Ameri...
An open Cuba can only mean bad news for The Bahamas
Dear Editor, I can’t imagine what Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell could possibly have been thinking when he claimed that the shift in the U.S. government’s policy towards Cuba will not harm The Bahamas. According to Mitchell, the two ...
Prominent FNMs such as Frank Watson are hellbent on publicly taking potshots at Minnis
Dear Editor, Prime Minister Perry Christie recently celebrated 40 years in frontline politics. Currently serving his second non-consecutive term as prime minister, Christie appears to be giving strong consideration to running again in 2017, despite ...
Sweet mouth fellas
Dear Editor,  I cannot see what all of the fuss is about Dr. Minnis. I understand the problem of those who think he should be doing something more dynamic or entertaining; the old “trying to inspire and motivate so that people can see a diffe...
Do we really need a national development plan?
Dear Editor,  The need for a national development plan seems so obvious that Prime Minister Perry Christie has no cause to argue the merits in its favor. You get the impression that an ongoing political dysfunction in governance has denied Baha...
Caution: wasteland ahead
Dear Editor, Some are suggesting that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is still in control of the Free National Movement. That is a possibility. This would give reason for some to proclaim that a vote for the FNM in the next election is really...
Using political intimidation to silence free speech
Dear Editor,  The following is an open letter to Prime Minister Perry Christie: Please accept this letter as an official request for your urgent and personal intervention in the growing debacle that is the Department of Immigration’s iron-fi...
Slippery smooth
Dear Editor, Whatever the reason or reasons for Ryan Pinder choosing to resign his post as the minister of financial services, those reasons or the reason are his own. Some of us may want to speculate as to what this portends but this will be reveal...
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