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Investing in Haiti: a great suggestion
Dear Editor, This week, during his visit to The Bahamas, Haitian President Michel Martelly told the government that all the money it spends every year on fighting illegal immigration would be better used for investing in northern Haiti, from whence ...
Haiti agreements a good sign, but caution still necessary
Dear Editor, The Christie administration is to be congratulated for signing three trade and agricultural agreements with the Republic of Haiti. This is indeed a visionary step, and one which The Bahamas should have taken decades ago. Many Bahamians...
Waiting to see what the so-called PLP leader will do
Dear Editor, I am watching with interest to see what the so called “leader” of the present PLP government is going to do in regards to the Renward Wells situation. As far as I know, Prime Minister Christie has called for Wells to resign after si...
What is going on with BEC?
Dear Editor, What on Earth is going on with the Bahamas Electricity Corporation? Its executive chairman Leslie Miller said, just a few months ago, that they didn’t anticipate any outages this summer, which would have probably been a first in Baham...
Eternally grateful for the work of Save The Bays
Dear Editor, As a Bahamian individual, I am eternally grateful for the work being done by the Save The Bays organization. This can be the beginning of a new day for our people. Our environment is our most precious commodity and should be protected ...
The kindness of Dr. Duane Sands
Dear Editor, I live in the Englerston area and recently I saw Dr. Duane Sands on a walking tour in my area. I was impressed and wondered what was going on. When I approached Sands, he told me that he was there to see one of his friends – whom I l...
Jumbey Village will live
Dear Editor, The great cultural icon Edmund Moxey has passed away at age 80. He could be described as the rebel who stood against his own political party in trying to effect economic development in the inner city. He was involved in trying to genera...
In response to Leon Williams
Dear Editor, Does the new BTC CEO Leon Williams take the Bahamian public for fools? It certainly appears that way. He’s telling us that liberalization of the telecommunications sector is a bad thing, that BTC is not ready, that revenue lines are ...
Smith for College of The Bahamas president
Dear Editor, My family and I share a deep connection to The College of The Bahamas (COB). My mother was a founding faculty member when the college began in 1974. My six brothers were each students at The College of The Bahamas. I, too, am a former C...
National healing needed in the wake of Edmund Moxey’s death
Dear Editor, Edmund Burke wrote: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." His quote is very profound in many spheres today, despite the fact that 250 years have since passed. I think it is widely accepted that it ...
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