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A lost government
Dear Editor, According to news reports, The Bahamas has been put on notice that its sovereign debt is likely to be downgraded probably to junk bond status very soon. This has caused some concern in the government because if that were to occur most o...
Who wins and who loses?
Dear Editor, As we move into the final day of the FNM convention, I urge the delegates and I urge the people of The Bahamas to carefully consider who wins and who loses if each nominee is successful or unsuccessful. Who stands to gain, and who stand...
The season of giving?
Dear Editor, The press now prints large notices of amnesties for late payment of stamp duty on deeds and documents, and notices of land acquisitions to construct homes for the poor. Not yet the Christmas season, but the spirit of giving and forgivi...
Why Perry Christie must go
Dear Editor, Dear prime minister, Let me first start off by thanking you for your years of service (and disservice) and strong dedication to your political career and the Bahamian population. This letter serves not to belittle you, but to genuinely...
Minnis is a man of action
Dear Editor, After more than four years of big talk and little action from Prime Minister Perry Christie, The Bahamas needs a leader who will simply get the job done. We don’t need another sweet-talking, fancy-dancing prime minister who is great ...
Reflections on the PLP leadership
Dear Editor, The great French leader Charles de Gaulle said, “The cemeteries of the world are filled with indispensable men.” I am certain that Prime Minister Perry Christie would concur with de Gaulle’s blunt statement. The PM has often refle...
Open letter to Hubert Ingraham
Dear Hubert, it is quite obvious to all and sundry that the meaning of the word retirement is eluding you. It was widely rumored that you would seek another term as the leader of my brain child. Let me assure you that if you attempted so foolhardy a...
Emperors have to be removed
Dear Editor, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “I can no longer obey; I have tasted command, and I cannot give it up.” I was reading an article recently in The Nassau Guardian where the author referred to Prime Minister Perry Christie as th...
The People’s Movement has dangerous religious ideas
Dear Editor, The People’s Movement has launched what is termed “a new paradigm shift” that would lead to “a completely new structure in terms of a righteous government”. The problem is a righteous government, a theocracy, has already been ...
The very odd political couple
Dear Editor, Whether in desperation or naivete, Dr. Hubert Minnis keeps befriending political failures. His latest bromance (aka fondness amongst kindred spirits) is none other than the prince of blabber, Leslie Miller, the loud-mouth PLP recently c...
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