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Tired of thefts and being robbed
Dear Editor,  I’m fed up! How many times must my family and household be assaulted before I lose my mind and go rampaging across this country using my own gun? I have lived in what used to be called a relatively safe area (Danottage Estates) ...
Minnis dissed Torchbearers
Dear Editor, There have been cries from the general public for a live debate between the two candidates running for leader of the FNM. Of course the Minnis camp “cried holy hell” at the thought of Dr. Hubert Minnis being caught in a debate with ...
Minnis is the best
Dear Editor, A "strong FNM" has written a few letters which have been published, making it clear that in their opinion, Dr. Minnis is not the right person to lead the FNM. This "strong supporter" has said on more than one occasion that Killarney is...
The idiocy of banking practices
Dear Editor, I have realized for decades that, as a people, we have achieved a level of complete and utter apathy to the extent that we allow inconveniences and outright procedural stupidity to govern our lives to the point of paralysis. Our banking...
An opportunity squandered
Dear Editor, Last week, after almost three months of inaction, Prime Minister Perry Christie finally made a decision and advised the governor general that the office of the parliamentary secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Works and Urban Development ...
The mishandling of the case of the shantytown resident
Dear Editor, Like most Bahamians, I followed, with concern and increasing anger, the response of police as led by Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, the Attorney General’s Office and the minister of immigration to the now infamous statements made by...
A new brand of leadership for changing times
Dear Editor, Many great men and women in history have had inauspicious starts to their life’s endeavors. Going back to biblical times, if Moses, the great liberator, or David, the greatest King known to Israel, were judged on the basis of their fi...
Unaccountability at the Public Accounts Committee
Dear Editor,  Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Hubert Chipman said that the committee has met three times in 29 months. Some local entrepreneurs meet with their senior staff members more than three times a week. Isn’t the PAC ...
Our immigration policy
Dear Editor, If this country had stringently applied immigration policies as they were implemented by A. Loftus Roker almost 40 years ago, the entire face of this country would be different. Many of the issues we have with crime, burgeoning governme...
Brave Davis…behold the man
Dear Editor, There are some within and outside the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) who would love to see Philip Brave Davis (PLP-Cat Island) launch a coup d’etat against the current leader of our party. This will, of course, never happen and those...
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