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A challenge to the Stronger Bahamas campaign
Dear Editor,   Thank you for allowing me to express this challenge, not criticism, of the Stronger Bahamas campaign. I applaud all and sundry who have initiated this campaign. I listened skeptically to the child, who “patriotically” but r...
The lion in winter
Dear Editor, The apparent start of what I perceive will be the meltdown of Baha Mar has kicked off with a bang with the Chapter 11 bankruptcy application filed in the USA. What is most disturbing and startling with this development is the admission...
Same sex marriage is a misnomer
Dear Editor, Radical elements within the LGBTQ community scored a major victory when the United States Supreme Court finally acquiesced to their unreasonable demands by striking down prohibitions against same-sex marriage in all 50 states in the Obe...
Cuba awakens
Dear Editor, Baha Mar’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. and the bringing of a lawsuit against China State Construction in a UK court, which could take months if not years to resolve, drives another nail into the coffin of our tourism ...
Happy independence?
Dear Editor, Bahamians everywhere are getting ready to celebrate 42 years of independence. At this juncture in our nation’s history we really need to reflect on where we have come from and where we are headed as a nation. What concerns me is that ...
Christie must take a side
Dear Editor, Blindsided as he may have been by the announcement of Baha Mar’s bankruptcy, Prime Minister Perry Christie is clearly a leader in denial. One cannot blame him for being optimistic that “negotiations” will continue between the deve...
Lessons from Baha Mar’s bankruptcy
Dear Editor, I would like to address a few of the many Baha Mar issues rather succinctly. Firstly, I am surprised that Baha Mar's management team did not employ the requisite competent civil and other engineers to monitor such a massive project fro...
The need for innovative leadership
Dear Editor,   Both Prime Minister Perry Christie and Dr. Hubert Minnis are out to lunch on the Baha Mar issue. We need innovative leadership in both of the two major political parties. Christie has failed miserably when it comes to deliverin...
Leslie Miller’s comments on marriage equality
Dear Editor,  I read Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller’s comments on marriage equality in the United States. Those comments further reinforced my view that Miller is the last person any right-thinking Bahamian should listen to on matters of equalit...
Considering our fellow citizens
Dear Editor,   In recent months while traveling over the western bridge to Paradise Island – the Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge – and particularly on Sunday mornings, I noticed several tour buses and taxis carrying tourists occupying the wester...
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