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Tax reforms and fiscal accountability
Dear Editor, Well, those of you who are reading this contribution to national dialogue are to be congratulated in that we would have arrived safely into 2015. We in this wonderful nation have much to be thankful for. Yes, the economy is picking up a...
Where was Minnis?
Dear Editor, In watching the coverage of the opening of the much-needed Critical Care Block at Princess Margaret Hospital, I noticed a strange thing. There were many senior politicians and important persons in attendance, but one person seemed to be...
VAT and the proposed Freedom of Information Act
Dear Editor,   By your medium, I wish to ask the radio talk show pundits and some of the political leaders to explain to the consumers and merchants how a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) would help them with value-added tax (VAT). As part o...
The discrepancies of Gregory Moss
Dear Editor,  First time Member of Parliament Gregory Moss made headlines last week, pronouncing that he would openly campaign against two of the four constitutional amendment bills if they are passed in the House of Assembly. According to the ...
Foreign fishing depleting our resources
Dear Editor, There has been much conversation and discourse about the fisheries regulations and the recent initiatives by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in the interdiction of Bahamian vessels carrying foreign fishermen. The laws of the Bahamas are...
PLP undermining the Department of Statistics
Dear Editor,The Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) attempts to undermine and discredit the Department of Statistics and its hardworking and competent officers suggests contempt and a lack of respect for a well-established and internationally accredi...
The importance of integrity in leadership
Dear Editor,  Integrity is said to be a personal choice made by someone who has the qualities of honesty and moral principles, or conviction. It is also truthfulness, consistency of character, or a lifestyle. Therefore, it is imperative that g...
Quakoo Street is a feather in Greenslade’s hat
Dear Editor, On the very cool night of January 8, 2015 I sat waiting quietly and comfortably in the Quakoo Street Police Station for a relatively minute matter to be resolved. The experience, however, helped open my eyes to the intensity and enormit...
Will The Bahamas continue to be found wanting at the close of 2015?
Dear Editor,  A look at the national budget and debt over the decades reveals that spending and borrowing have grown exponentially. The country is in this mess because of both political parties, not just one or the other, so there is no point i...
Institutionalizing culture
Dear Editor,   I recently read an article which stated that the prime minister wished to “institutionalize culture” which made me wary, as I tried to figure out what exactly that phrase meant. Was he referring to an “institution” such ...
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