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Concern over the constitutional amendments
Dear Editor, Kindly grant me a small space in your column to voice my concern over the proposed new constitutional amendments. While I understand that the proposed amendments seek to end "gender discrimination" I believe that the first three bills,...
It’s time for the 2002 “no” voters to do the right thing
Dear Editor, I have, like thousands of other Bahamians, voted “yes” to the elimination of gender inequality in our constitution – in the 2002 referendum. I am not motivated to participate in referendum 2014 about the same question, as I feel t...
Arguing for simple legislation instead of amending the constitution
Dear Editor, The foolery that has become the constitutional referendum debate in Parliament thus far can be boiled down to a truth relevant parliamentarians would no doubt deny. There are parliamentarians (and persons outside of Parliament) on both ...
Loretta showed an unprecedented level of political maturity
Dear Editor, The normal proceedings in the House of Assembly are usually quite predictable. The government presents a bill that the opposition opposes for no reason other than the fact that it did not present it. This behavior has been the modus ope...
The obvious need for minimum wage increase
Dear Editor, There are some matters for which the opinions of specialized experts are required, and there are others for which they are not. The case for an increase in the minimum wage in The Bahamas is an example of the latter. Some “expert” ...
A new day of transparency is upon us
Dear Editor,Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe should be congratulated for putting it on the record that his younger colleagues who spoke their mind and expressed divergent views on the constitutional amendment bills will not be victimized by the Pr...
Plain and simple – yes or no
Dear Editor, This country has a whole lot of serious problems that need to be addressed, and FAST, because we are in big trouble with escalating debt, increasing crime, poverty, corruption, joblessness, hopelessness, etc. Can our “leaders” take t...
Responding to Minister Damian Gomez
Dear Editor, In rebuffing those who are calling for clear language to amend Article 26 to prohibit both sex-based discrimination and same-sex marriage, Minister Damian Gomez questioned if “they are harboring insecurities about their sexual posi...
A virtual shantytown on Long Wharf
Dear Editor, I totally agree with the letter writer (Taxpayer) whose letter was published on August 12, 2014 in your daily newspaper. The growing commercial community on Long Wharf Beach has been of grave concern to me ever since two additional ven...
Same sex marriage suggestion lacks legal foundation
Dear Editor, As the debate continued this week on the four constitutional amendment bills before Parliament, some controversy has erupted about the implications of the word “sex” in bill number four.The intent of the bill is to amend paragraph...
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