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The Bahamas in focus as the world prays
Lent is upon us and many have made the conscious effort to sacrifice certain pleasures or luxuries during this season of deliberate denial. The Lenten season is a period repentance, prayer and meditation before the advent of Easter. As we make our wa...
St Kitts-Nevis election fiasco: Symptom of a bigger problem
Concern was rightly raised over the failure of the supervisor of elections in St Kitts-Nevis, Wingrove George, to declare the results of the February 16 general elections until two days afterwards. There were only 30,000 voters in the elections. Eve...
Exchange control and the Bahamian dollar
Since the introduction of value-added tax (VAT) in The Bahamas in January 2015, there has been some turbulence. This is as expected for a new initiative, one that places an additional cost on goods and services. One can only hope that, with this addi...
Illegal migration, social justice and mercy
For his first official trip outside Rome, Pope Francis chose Lampedusa, a tiny Sicilian island with a population of approximately 5,000 who make their living mostly from fishing and tourism. The symbolic journey highlighted the plight of illegal imm...
Sweet Micky’s Generation X
Michel Joseph Martelly, the president of the Republic of Haiti, is facing a host of detractors that include those with sour grapes after losing the last presidential election. They also include those who enjoyed immense privilege in the last governme...
Why the constitutional referendum should not fail
Prior to the close of 2014, the naysayers were already predicting doom and gloom in relation to the intended constitutional referendum on gender equality. Some opponents of a progressive move have gone as far as predicting that the referendum now sch...
Who’s protecting the consumer? – part 2
“When you focus on the consumer, the consumer responds.” – Alexander Wang   Last week, we noted that many modern societies have established laws and organizations that are designed to protect the rights of consumers, to ensure fair trade...
Who’s protecting the consumer? – part 3
In parts 1 and 2 of this series, we noted that many modern societies have established laws and organizations that are designed to protect the rights of consumers, to ensure fair trade and competition in an orderly economic environment and to provide ...
The Bahamas mid-year budget: Let’s give it justice
On February 11, the prime minister of The Bahamas, Perry G. Christie, who also serves as the substantive minister of finance, gave what we call a "mid-year budget" to advise the public and the Parliament of the performance of the government on their ...
The grand deception – part 3
What the Benguet Agreement did not do, and what all parties agreed that it would not do, was to abrogate or diminish any rights of licensees of the GBPA to any of the benefits, including the importation or bonded goods and other continuing tax exempt...
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