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High on Ebola, low on chikungunya
Since the recent outbreak of chikungunya in the Caribbean, four individuals with close connections who arrived back to the U.S. from the Caribbean region were hospitalized immediately and diagnosed with the virus. In addition, a few medical center em...
The old boys’ network in The Bahamas
The phrase “old boys’ network” or “old boys’ club” is often used to describe an informal system used by the affluent or elite in a society to retain power and money. The phrase is also used to refer to people in a group who have been arou...
Hate in the eyes and hurt in the heart, Pt. 2
Two weeks ago, in part one of this series, we observed that, in the first half of its tenure, few objective observers would agree that the government has done a remarkably impressive job. We also observed that many ...
Crime pays, but costs society a great deal
In a recent article, Professor Bjørn Lomborg from the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, a contributor to Project Syndicate, an economic and political think tank and journal, brought to our attention a recent study on the economic and financial costs asso...
The FNM’s challenge: Electability, electability, electability
There is a single defining issue before the FNM at its upcoming convention: Who is the best person to lead the party’s return to office? It is the question of electability, which all political parties in a democracy face. If the FNM gets wrong its...
Ebola: the politicization of an epidemic
Illness is a universal human experience almost as certain as death, taxes and romantic disappointments. Yet, the new level of fear and false bluster that has been leavened into the Ebola epidemic in western discourse now surpasses the constrains of l...
Who’s going to fill those shoes?
On Monday, October 13, 2014, we commemorated National Heroes Day for the second time. It is noteworthy that the recognition of this holiday comes after years of advocacy by Bahamian patriots who saw the need to recognize and highlight the accomplishm...
The systematic destruction of the ethos and the physical setting of Haiti
It seems odd that I am speaking this week about the systematic destruction of the setting of Haiti when last week I have compared Haiti to a magic isle whose resilience makes it rebound in spite of the consequences of climate change. This apparent co...
The danger of conforming to the status quo
The term status quo is defined as “the existing state of affairs”, especially in regards to social and political issues, or the systemic prescribed way of acting or reacting to these issues. With a definition like that in mind, it is no wonder w...
Hubert Minnis’ disastrous leadership driving away FNMs and general voters
This should be a political boom time for the FNM. But it isn’t because of the disastrous leadership of Dr. Hubert Minnis, who has proved to be so dismal a leader, that he has near single-handedly created a crisis within the FNM, driving away FNMs a...
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