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Human rights in Haiti, part 1
Dictatorship and human rights violations in Haiti In the past five decades, Haitian people have suffered systematic human rights violations that were rarely condemned, thus preventing any government from having real democratic institutions and preve...
How Butler-Turner can help the FNM win again
There will be a number of people not present at tomorrow’s FNM convention who will be listening intently to the results of the contest for Leader. Among them will be Prime Minister Perry Christie and DNA Leader Branville McCartney. A win by Dr. Hu...
A city inundated by water
I could plausibly be dubbed a voodoo columnist: water you see, water you no see! A month ago in a column I launched an S.O.S. for Cap Haitien, a city with no water, and here I am now launching another S.O.S. – for the same city, inundated by water....
The predicament of a nation in transition
As the nation continues to mourn the passing of some of its prominent sons and daughters last week, we are reminded of the fragility of life and the importance of making every moment of our existence count not just for ourselves but in service to hum...
New Bahamian plantations
We intended to use this space this week to review some of the comments that we received from our readers about the last two weeks’ installments relative to the investment by the Chinese in The Bahamas. However, out of a sense of moral indignation t...
Seeing the wider picture
Sell, and be thankful that I can deliver you into more debt through renting. But, let me take another selfie. So, the times are a-changing and we as a country have sat back in our easy chairs and waited for the government to guide out of the promise...
The modern socialist
One of the legacies of the Grenada Revolution is a strong residue of anti-communist, anti-socialist rhetoric. For the most part, persons who were hurt by, or otherwise disagreed with Grenada’s 1979 to 1983 experiment, continue to dislike or hate th...
The conviction and courage of Warren J. Levarity
It is a brutally painful week for the country. The nation is grappling with the tragic loss of Pastor Myles Munroe; his wife, Ruth, and seven others. The number of those killed in the air crash and the sheer tragedy of it beggars our imagination. So...
Whether it is Ebola or natural resources, Africa is the genesis of civilization
In some western media news reports, Africa is always portrayed as the Dark Continent with backward people, but with the present spread of Ebola on the continent, there is a great health concern globally. The so-called advanced, civilized countries ca...
Myles Munroe: A great Bahamian leader departs
It was the day that was set aside to remember the fallen and those that gave their lives so that our liberties may be sustained. Many marched on Bay Street and down Parliament Street to gather at the Garden of Remembrance to pay tribute to the heroes...
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