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Response to speaker’s ruling on Public Accounts Committee
Hubert Chipman, MP for St. Anne’s, began delivering the following text in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. After objections from the governing side and House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major, Chipman ended the statement without completing it...
Recycled leadership – A Bahamian pandemic?
The definition of the word ‘recycle’ often includes reference to the processing of materials that would otherwise be regarded as waste or having no utility in order to reuse them. It describes the return or conversion of an item or resource that ...
Terrorism on our shores
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism's website was hacked last week. A group out of Tunisia calling themselves the ‘Fallaga Team’ is apparently responsible for the attack. According to reports they took over the servers which hosted the websites and p...
Haiti, Francois Hollande and the issue of reparations
It might seem arrogant to reveal but the issue of reparations for Haiti did not start with Dr Jean Bertrand Aristide; it started with me. In fact, former president Jean Bertrand Aristide might have polluted the issue in transposing a legal affair in...
The checkered tenure of AG Allyson Maynard-Gibson
A series of decisions by Attorney General (AG) Allyson Maynard-Gibson has raised serious questions about her conduct in office over the past three years. There is widespread concern that she has politicized the office and has attempted to duck respon...
Does the govt really care about the health of Bahamians?
The noble goal of universal access to healthcare by all Bahamians is being challenged by several stakeholders not based on the principle, but rather on the premise of how the government plans to achieve this through the proposed National Health Insur...
It was reported in the daily news that there was a recent cyberattack on two of The Bahamas’ government’s websites – www.bahamas.com, and www.bahamas-film.com. These attacks were reportedly a defacement of the web pages with propaganda message...
Bahamian governance: The age of prudence
• First published January 3, 2013.  The advent of a new year is often characterized by resolutions containing set goals and objectives for individuals. History has proven however, that the achievement of goals is dependent upon the preparatio...
Great ideas that shaped the nation – part 1
I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”— President John F. Kennedy’s address to Congress, May 25, 1961   From ...
EU’s moral and legal obligation to Africans
We, in the Caribbean, are familiar with the phenomenon of thousands of persons – primarily from Cuba and Haiti – that for years have been risking their lives, leaving their homes in rickety boats to reach “greener pastures’’. Recently, we ...
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