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It's time for proactive participation on gender equality
The level of involvement of the populace in matters of national importance is at an all-time high in at least the last decade. This participation has been accompanied by a renewed spate of activism and advocacy by Bahamians from all walks of life, ac...
“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”– Ludwig Wittgenstein The English language is extremely interesting and instructive. Words are considered one of the best means of communication and we often appreciate that words can be...
Hope in a hopeless world
Having celebrated The Bahamas’ 41st anniversary of independence, there are many realities that face each citizen. Today there are thousands of Bahamians who are unemployed. There are thousands who do not know where there next meal will come from. T...
The finite side of life
My father just celebrated, on June 28, his 102nd birthday. I have the privilege of being his caregiver in Haiti, as all my five brothers and sisters had to continue their nomadic lives in the United States. I am watching a proud man (he was chief ci...
Christie mimics, extends and kowtows to the Pindling cult of personality
That Perry Christie was never his own man in the PLP was dramatized in his decision in recommending the appointment of the widow of Sir Lynden Pindling as governor general, thereby kowtowing and extending the cult of personality of the Pindling era. ...
Black Bahamian beauty
If you’ve seen a photo of me, other than the one posted here every week on this column, you’re thinking “where is this vanilla-skinned woman going talking about black Bahamian beauty?” Hold that thought. There was a time in history, not eve...
The journey to Mount Fitzwilliam
The swearing in of our new governor general, Dame Marguerite Pindling (Lady Pindling as she is fondly called), marked the end of a tenure, beginning of a reign, but more importantly the beginning of the end of an era. Our history and identity It is...
Our newest governor general
“Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”– Mattie Stepanek On Tuesday, July 9, 2014, one day before independence day in The Bahamas, there were several historic moments in Bahamian histor...
The politics of World Cup soccer
Haiti, like the rest of the world – now including even the United States, which is a baseball nation – is soccer country. As such the World Cup in Brazil this June and July 2014 is a big-time event in every corner of the planet. The flags of Braz...
Our new governor general
For my generation who was born around the independence era, it is amazing to see the development of The Bahamas from childhood to now. For what it’s worth, while we were not able to remember or understand what independence meant at the time, we are...
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