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Our Bahamaland: Assessing the state of affairs
On Friday, February 3, 2017, I had the opportunity to visit Uriah McPhee Primary School. As I entered the school’s welcome area, a picture of Uriah McPhee was on the wall. It reminded me of the days when I walked through the same doors as a studen...
Spoil the ballot campaign is reckless and unimaginative
In the summer of 1964, civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney were involved in the “Freedom Summer” campaign, an ambitious effort to register African-American voters in southern states in the U.S. The idealistic ...
Dumbfounded by our dialogue about crime
If there is one thing that should be clear to us here in The Bahamas it is that crime, in particular, murder, has not responded positively to changes in government over the last 50 years. In the year the Pindling administration came to office, the y...
Cuba responds to the thinking of a new generation
When it comes to Cuba, the world’s media tends to focus on the obvious: the possible outcome of the new U.S. administration’s policy review, the multiple difficulties faced by Cuba’s over-centralized planned economy, or the implications of Fide...
• Author’s note: Like so many Bahamians, I have been confined to bed with the flu that has made me virtually immobile for the last four days. I had a conversation with a friend this week before taking to bed about the topic of malapropisms and re...
The education mix-up
When we speak of education, we have in mind a number of developmental activities linked to institutions and society designed to expose clients to greater knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to be better human beings, contribute to soci...
Crime and violence put the brakes on development
The traditional logic seemed unassailable: Where there are low levels of development and high levels of poverty and hopelessness, people are more likely to act outside the law and commit criminal and violent acts. And yet, despite the unprecedented l...
Vandalizing democracy with temper tantrums and sophomoric pranks
Throughout the 2016 U.S. presidential contest, then President Barack Obama fought not only his political foes, but also those who demonized him and who sought to undermine his legitimacy from the onset of his presidency. He also battled: complacency...
Where did the VAT money go?
Minister Michael Halkitis got himself into quite a pickle trying to explain where the more than $1 billion in value-added tax (VAT) revenue the government collected over the last two years went. Truth be told, the answer to where the money went is ve...
Time to improve the CARICOM-Dominican Republic relationship
In a few days’ time, Jovenel Moïse will become Haiti’s 42nd president. His swearing in follows his first-round victory in the country’s November 20 election. A businessman from northern Haiti who has never held political office, Haiti’s pre...
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