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The electoral system in the Caribbean: reform please!
Most people agree that the electoral system is one of the gravest dangers facing democracy in the Caribbean. For sure, in order to safeguard and shield their individual rights and freedoms, it is central for a democratic people to profile the governm...
Corporate governance and public corporations in The Bahamas
The debate and focus on good governance has been for the most part constrained to the private sector. This may not be unrelated to the emphasis on good corporate governance practices by regulatory agencies and governments particularly in the aftermat...
The Bahamas Christian Council
“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 7:15)   Recently, the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC), through some of its members, has taken position...
Value-added tax in The Bahamas: Fears and solutions
The value-added tax (VAT) initiative in The Bahamas has taken some interesting twists and turns down the road of reform, from the VAT Bill tabled in the House of Assembly in late August 2014, with an implementation date of January 2015 – a change f...
We are not a Christian nation constitutionally
The level of ignorance about our constitution is widespread and disturbing. The ignorance is particularly alarming on the part of those who pretend to know about such matters, including certain pastors who repeatedly demonstrate a stunning ignorance ...
Analyzing readers’ reactions to last week’s ‘The Bahamian brain drain’
In the past, I’ve written on very sensitive issues and controversial topics, as I most certainly will again in the future, but nothing I’ve written before has compared – with respect to the level of feedback received – to last week’s 10 rea...
Insurance contracts and the duty to disclose
The average Bahamian purchases a life insurance policy to pay off her debts and provide financial sustainability for her loved ones after her death and/or as security for a homeowner’s loan during her lifetime. Many people only become aware of the...
The anatomy of leadership in The Bahamas
The question as to whether leaders are born or made is one that will continue for years to come with valid arguments being put forward on both sides of the debate. However, this discussion pales in comparison to what happens when the aspirations of a...
The death of democracy? Pt. 2
In the first part of this series, we reviewed the reaction to the legislation that the government recently tabled in Parliament to regulate and tax web shops, despite the public’s rejection of that proposition in the January 28, 2013 gaming referen...
A new look at violence against women
There are several definitions of domestic violence. Here is the simplest one: “If it feels wrong, it is.” One legal definition of domestic violence is: It consists of acts committed in the context of an adult intimate relationship. It is a conti...
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