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A new look at violence against women
There are several definitions of domestic violence. Here is the simplest one: “If it feels wrong, it is.” One legal definition of domestic violence is: It consists of acts committed in the context of an adult intimate relationship. It is a conti...
Immigration policy change
• The following is the written communication of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Fred Mitchell to the House of Assembly on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.   With immediate effect, we will not accept applications for people who do n...
Christie and the PLP: Smug, arrogant and undemocratic
Oddly, last week the head of government bared his soul in front of the press. It is important to note that, in our system, the prime minister is not the nation’s chief executive. In our parliamentary democracy, the constitution rests executive auth...
Ten reasons Bahamian college graduates don’t want to come home
While we have to, as individuals, take responsibility for creating our own opportunities where there may be none in sight, I do blame in larger part, and please excuse me, the “mo fros” who established the original protocols and norms of the educ...
Agents of change in The Bahamas
The use of the phrase “change agent” has become common in The Bahamas today as individuals emerge from all walks of life claiming this title. The adoption of this self-description by many persons in our country today has become convenient because...
Death of democracy, pt. 1
“You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists.”– Abbie Hoffman This week, we witnessed the commencement of the debate on gambling legislation in Parliament which sought, a...
Onward together to a better future for China-Bahamas relations
“Bosom friends make distance disappear,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping to the president of Trinidad and Tobago during his visit to Latin America and the Caribbean last year. In July, President Xi concluded a successful visit to Brazil, Argent...
The United States and the Ferguson saga
Beware the ides of August, the ghost month, according to the Chinese, is prone to fatalities. Julius Cesar may have popularized the term of the ides of March since he was assassinated in that month in spite of the warning to avoid Rome at that time. ...
Pandora’s Box: Why residents should not be allowed to gamble in casinos
There are few physical reminders left of Hobby Horse Hall, such as the stables, converted into apartments. The eponymous roadway near Commonwealth Bank in Cable Beach, is another reminder of the defunct racetrack once located in the vicinity of the ...
Why poor and urban working class Bahamians are beloved by politicians
A tribe is not inherently a bad thing. Subconscious or not, the division of people into any social, economic, political or religious groupings is quite common, maybe even expected. The problem with tribes occurs when they become a way of life requir...
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