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Employment ‘pre-nups’
It’s usually not the first thing most of us want to think about when starting a new job, or hiring a new employee, but it’s actually one of the most important things to consider to avoid difficulties if, and when, the employment relationship come...
Loretta Butler-Turner: Yes, she can
Founded in 1915, the Bahamas Girl Guides Association recently kicked-off its centennial commemoration at Government House with a program of appreciation and celebration. The association has done extraordinary work over the past 100 years, helping to...
A renewal of patriotic sentiment in Haiti
I was in Cape Haitian recently, and I was surprised to find the magnificent and huge cathedral of the city filled like an egg by school students for the commemoration of the death of King Henry Christophe, who ruled the northern part of Haiti from 18...
Old soldiers never die
The phrase “old soldiers never die, they just fade away” comes from an old army ballad which was popular with British soldiers during World War I. The lyrics, as recorded by Eric Partridge, read: “Old soldiers never die, Never die, never die. O...
The open society and its enemies
“We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason than only freedom can make security more secure.”– Sir Karl Popper Recently, Government House issued a document entitled “Procedures for members of the media”, an...
Anti-Haitian extremism
The big Caribbean tour bus left the bucolic village of Petionville in Haiti heading towards Santo Domingo, about one hour late; the customs papers must be filled out and put in proper order before departure. It took another hour to meander through t...
Productivity versus busyness
Government workers are lousy, lazy and dreadfully incompetent. They come to work late, don't produce results that meet what you asked or paid them for in a timely manner, plus they take three-hour lunch breaks and then leave work more than a half an ...
Collective responsibility: The Bahamas’ prime minister is not chief executive
Without language, we cannot conceive, understand and communicate ideas and values. It is important that we get our language right. We often get our language and our thinking muddled and just plain wrong in constitutional matters. Proper language and...
High on Ebola, low on chikungunya
Since the recent outbreak of chikungunya in the Caribbean, four individuals with close connections who arrived back to the U.S. from the Caribbean region were hospitalized immediately and diagnosed with the virus. In addition, a few medical center em...
The old boys’ network in The Bahamas
The phrase “old boys’ network” or “old boys’ club” is often used to describe an informal system used by the affluent or elite in a society to retain power and money. The phrase is also used to refer to people in a group who have been arou...
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