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Citizenship programs – more work to be done
Last July, the Financial Times contained as a paid- for insert, a glossy brochure offering citizenship-by-investment in the Caribbean. It was little different in style to the advertising one sees for mega yachts, expensive real estate, private jet ch...
The future of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement
The prime minister’s communication made on March 3 to the House of Assembly on the status of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement is, in many ways, a milestone as it sets out, for the “public at large”, the issues and objectives that our government de...
A depressing political landscape
The Economist Intelligence Unit February 7, 2016 Country Report on The Bahamas offers a number of deeply worrying observations. The report notes: “A weak fiscal position, rising debt burden, low demand for tourism, a soft jobs market and a high cri...
‘Murder of a President’
Last week, I watched a PBS documentary entitled ‘The Murder of a President’ about the 1881 assassination of United States President James Garfield. Garfield’s presidency lasted only four months but he was highly regarded and believed destined f...
Super Bowl 50: Lessons learned
Football fans across our archipelago of islands gathered around television sets and screens on one of the most anticipated days on the sports calendar. The event was Super Bowl 50 and in the midst of an unusually cold Sunday afternoon in February, al...
The Free National Movement’s platform – part 1
“Major political parties have a role, but they are incapable of initiating fundamental change because they are fundamentally tied to the status quo. They are the status quo.”— Marianne Williamson   Over the past two weeks, we examined th...
Being realistic about U.S.-Cuba relations
On February 1, President Castro will begin an official visit to France. Apart from confirming the historic, philosophical and cultural affinities between the French and Cuban revolutions, the visit is expected to result in new economic, financial and...
A tribute to Edwin ‘Wykee’ Brown
It is better to walk in the dark with a friend than to walk in the light alone. Edwin “Wykee” Brown was my good friend. I first met Wykee in 1970 just after the Free PLP was formed. My brother Brendan and I would accompany our father to the Free...
Governor General’s Youth Award
Experiential learning is one of the more profound and successful learning strategies. It serves as a primary learning tool for the International Baccalaureate, which uses the strategy to more fully engage students in an integrative and multidisciplin...
Talk isn’t always cheap
Don’t let anyone fool you. If you are running for public office it helps to be a good talker. The higher the office you seek the better a talker you must be. By “good talker” I mean articulate, “expressing oneself easily in clear and effecti...
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