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Praise, prayer and intercession

Prayer gathering chairperson: God will make a way through tough times
  • God’s Women Unite Fellowship of Churches prayer gathering Chairperson Joy Wells says in spite of all you may be going through, God will make a way, even in tough times. During the fellowship’s recent evening of praise, prayer and intercession its members stressed the importance of prayer.

Guardian Lifestyles Editor

Published: Apr 20, 2017

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Everyone needs to know that God will truly make a way out of their situations, but it’s important to pray — and people must learn to pray together. That was the lesson organizers of the recent prayer gathering staged by God’s Women Unite Fellowship of Churches hoped people would take away.

“In spite of all you may be going through, God will truly make a way,” said Joy Wells, event chairperson. “And of course He would make a way through tough times, so it’s important for us to pray, and we really wanted that to hit home.”

Prayer is said to be pivotal and essential, and it was with this in mind that a group of women from several religious denominations and civic groups joined forces to host the night of prayer, praise and intercession for families on Thursday, April 13 at the R.M. Bailey Park.

“When God’s people pray together Heaven opens,” said Wells. “We wanted people to understand the importance of praise and worship in our lives today and that God hasn’t forgotten us. It’s important for us to come together … unite in prayer, because we know that one can change 1,000; two can change 10,000 — but if all of us come together, we can indeed make a difference in our homes, in our communities and our nation.”

The chairperson said that in these perilous times, with the enemy of souls increasing his tactics to destroy personal lives, homes, communities, churches and the nation, people need to simply pray.

“We’re on the brink of a general election, and we wanted to pray for that. We see so many families being impacted negatively in our country. We have broken homes, the result of divorces, we have single-parent families, and all of this is just compiled on persons by many other problems. People are heartbroken due to the various things happening in their families, so we thought it would be so fitting to unite in prayer, and let each other know that they’re not alone, and that God has other people out there to support them. And on the brink of an election, it’s important to come together as a nation and pray and seek God’s face, because we want God to do so many things in our country, but it will only come through our willingness to pray and believe together.”

The prayer gathering, the first held by God’s Women Unite Fellowship of Churches, was the first for the organization, and Wells said she was humbled that it came together, and relieved that they were able to carry out the call of God. She said she believes the prayer gathering was what He wanted them to do.

“Obedience is better than sacrifice, so we were blessed to have the persons come and I felt very satisfied that we indeed carried out what God wanted us to do,” she said.

“Everyone needs to know that truly God will make a way in their situations, but of course it’s important to pray. And we have to learn to pray together. Prayer gatherings like these — in the open air — are very important, so that persons who do not attend church can feel welcome to come in and pray.”

Wells said God’s people have to arise and be concerted in their efforts to combat the onslaught of the enemy through prayer, fasting and evangelism.

Prayer, it is said, is meant to line God’s people up in His will and with His empowerment. And being faithful in prayer is the essential mechanism for reaching others with faith.


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