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Prizes handed out for Scotiabank Student Run

The relay segment was a popular component of the eighth Marathon Bahamas
  • The C.R. Walker Knights finished second in the mixed team division of the Scotiabank Student Run, an integral part of Marathon Bahamas on January 15, 2017. Shown from left are Acting Manager of Public & Corporate Affairs, Sponsorships & Philanthropy at Scotiabank Annell Dillet; two Knights runners; Sunshine Insurance Vice President of Development Dwayne Swaby; Knights’ Coach Ednol Rolle; Senior Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at Scotiabank Leah Davis; two more Knights runners; and event organizer Trevor Strachan.

  • The Westminster College Diplomats finished second in the Scotiabank Student Run. Shown from left are two Diplomats runners; Acting Manager of Public & Corporate Affairs, Sponsorships & Philanthropy at Scotiabank Annell Dillet; Sunshine Insurance Vice President of Development Dwayne Swaby; Diplomats coach Clinton Smikle; Senior Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at Scotiabank Leah Davis; two more Diplomats runners; and event organizer Trevor Strachan.

  • The St. Anne’s Blue Waves won the overall title in the Scotiabank Student Run, which was an integral part of Marathon Bahamas on January 15, 2017. Shown from left are two Blue Waves runners; Acting Manager of Public & Corporate Affairs, Sponsorships & Philanthropy at Scotiabank Annell Dillet; Sunshine Insurance Vice President of Development Dwayne Swaby; Blue Waves’ Head Coach Chercovie Wells; Senior Manager of Marketing and Public Relations at Scotiabank Leah Davis; two more Blue Waves runners; and event organizer Trevor Strachan. PHOTOS: DISHA FRASER

Guardian Sports Editor

Published: Jan 24, 2017

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For the seventh consecutive year, the Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas has staged a student run component, and Scotiabank has been there as the lead sponsor almost from its inception.

The financial institution came on board again this year, in continuation of its community outreach programs. The top three teams from the overall student run division, and from the mixed team division, were recognized yesterday.

After finishing in the top three for a number of years, the St. Anne’s Blue Waves took the top spot in the overall division this year, finishing in 3:09:40. That team consisted of Omavi Collison (44:23), Philip Armbrister (46:34), Vincent Gardiner (45:08) and Reagan Cartwright (53:37). The Westminster Diplomats were second, finishing in 3:19:04. That team consisted of Rotavieo Adderley (45:38), Joshua Forbes (52:43), Tamiko Taylor (48:10) and Brandon Bastian (52:34). St. Augustine’s College (SAC) rounded out the top three, finishing in 3:19:06. Tario Beckles (49:31) Gabrielle Thompson (56:06), Tyson Moss (41:10) and Ryan Bethel (52:21) made up that team.

In the mixed team division, St. Andrew’s emerged victorious, finishing in 3:47:53. That team consisted of Trent Strachan (43:37), Katherine Slatter (1:07:44), Gabriella Moran (56:36) and Ben Derbyshire (59:57). The C.R. Walker Knights were second, finishing in 4:17:06. Making up that squad were Janin Turner (43:48), Nakeisha Dormeus (1:14:50), Fedlin Louis (44:46) and Tamia Mackey (1:33:44). In third place in the mixed division was Forest Heights Academy out of Marsh Harbour, Abaco. That team finished in 4:44:20, and consisted of Rickera Cox (1:13:32), Taylor Albury (1:01:17), Teryn McDonald (1:08:35) and Steadman McKenzie (1:20:58).

“This event has provided an opportunity for student-athletes like yourself to participate in the marathon by competing in the relay component of this annual event, and we’re so happy to be a part of it,” said Leah Davis, senior manager of marketing and public relations at Scotiabank.

“This is a kick off for 2017 for the young people in our community programs. It helps us to give back by focusing on health and education, and we applaud all of the students who participated for their commitment, tenacity and vision. This was an opportunity for you to train, and compete with a like-minded team to achieve a common goal of completing a 26.2-mile race. Your achievement is a testament to the power of teamwork. I’m amazed at your achievements and encourage you to continue. There are indeed some young people in this Bahamas making positive choices, and making a difference in the lives of others. Hats off to you all.”

The Sunshine Insurance Race Weekend was held January 14-15 at the northern tip of New Providence. The Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure was held that Saturday morning, and the 26.2-mile Marathon Bahamas, inclusive of the Scotiabank Student Relay Run, was also run that Sunday morning. Over 2,000 runners took part in the race weekend. Once again, Scotiabank came on board as a gold sponsor for the student run segment of the marathon. This was the bank’s sixth year sponsoring the event.

“I want to offer thanks to the sponsor, the individuals who took part and the persons who volunteered to help make sure the entire weekend was a success,” said Dwayne Swaby, Sunshine Insurance vice president of development. “This event provides an opportunity for distance runners to participate in a relay component of an endurance event. Relays engage athletes in positive initiatives, working together and not pulling against each other helps us to achieve our goals. Students from across the country participated, and we’re very thankful for their involvement. We hope that this event continues to grow. We also thank the coordinator Trevor Strachan. He does this year in and year out, and because of his efforts and people like him, we are able to do what we do at Sunshine.

“At Sunshine Insurance, our goal is to assist as much of the youth as possible. We look at this as another initiative that can help in building our nation. We thank you all, and we would like to say congratulations to you because you all are winners. We look forward to you participating again in 2018 along with Scotiabank and with the support of Trevor Strachan.”

Strachan, a former middle distance runner himself, said that it is a privilege for him to give back to the youth of the nation from year to year, investing in young people.

“I just want to thank Scotiabank for continuing to give us the opportunity to grow,” he said. “It’s important that they don’t give a waiver in their sponsorship of this event. I know there were some challenges this year, but we were still able to pull it off, and we’re very appreciative to Scotiabank for the financial effort. For Marathon Bahamas, putting on a marathon, I think a lot of people don’t realize the planning and timing that goes into that. It is important that we keep this alive. This opens the doors for collegiate scholarships and a lot of other stuff.

“I am so proud of all the people who are involved in all of this. Hats off to the students who sacrificed their time and their work. People don’t realize the effort that goes into making this happen. When your body has had enough and your mind is telling you to power through, that instills in you life lessons, whether it is your job, marriages or relationships, you power through. That’s what this is all about. Hats off to all of the sponsors for making this happen.”

Strachan said that he is very appreciative of the support, but charged the coaches present to commit to two teams next year.

The Blue Waves have entered the student run for the past four years, but this was their first time coming out on top.

“We finally got a win, and we would like to thank all of the organizers and the sponsors for allowing us to participate,” said Blue Waves head coach Chercovie Wells. “We will come back next year and see if we could defend our title.”

Diplomats head coach Clinton Smikle said that it was a good experience for them.

“I don’t think that we are doing as much as we can to develop middle distance running as we should, so I would like to thank Scotiabank for doing this and keeping it going,” he said. “For us, everyone gelled together. They did well, and I would like to congratulate everyone on the whole. We look forward to being there again next year.”

Knights coach Ednol Rolle also thanked Scotiabank for supporting the student run, allowing them to garner experience.

“It was a good event for my kids to get the exposure to see all of the other competitors. Thanks for the opportunity,” he said.

Individually, Leigh Schmit and Chen Lo crossed the finish line as the top male and female finishers in the 26.2-mile marathon.

Schmit, 44, who’s from North Hampton, New Hampshire, snapped the finish line in 2:52:21, and Lo, 33, who resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, finished in 3:17:57.6.

Florida native Johnathan Volpi was the top male finisher in the half marathon for the fourth straight year with a time of 1:14:43.9; and in women’s action, Florencia Morales, of Argentina, won the half marathon in 1:29:44.7.


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